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Kaitaia TimeBank

Terms of Service

1. I give my consent to the TimeBank Coordinator to:

a) Contact the people whose names I give for a character reference.

b) Request a Police Check as required to confirm that I do not present a risk to TimeBank members

c) Share my contact details with other TimeBank members regarding potential trades

2. I have read, understood, and will adhere to the KTB Code of Conduct at all times.

3. I understand that photographs containing my image, taken at TimeBank events, may be used

for promotional purposes e.g. facebook, unless I specifically request otherwise by contacting a TimeBank co-ordinator.

4. I agree to pay KTB an annual TimeBank membership fee either:

Option 1: $10 per year

Option 2: 2 Time Credits

5. I agree to pay my first annual TimeBank membership fee one month after the activation of my KTB account, and thereafter annually on the anniversary of that date.

6. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure my personal safety and the safety of my property while participating in TimeBank trading and other TimeBank activities.

7. I undertake to keep the contact details of other Timebank members private.

8. I understand & agree if I do I trade with someone which includes milage. I will pay them for travel expenses. $2 for a Local Trip/20 cents per Kilometer (within 20 km radius)  

 and further away,That being 16 Cents Per Kilometer, Out of the 20 km radius. If it is a return trip to Whangarei $50.

9. I understand, if any materials are needed, before a trade. Persons involved in the trade offer will either be reimbursed, or I as requestant will buy any materials needed.

10. I understand & agree that all trades will be fair & agreed prior to exchange.

      Should I need something extra it will be the Timebank member's discretion whether it is added/done or saved for another time, If extra is done the member will be reimbused accordingly.

11. I understand that I am able to bring complaints and compliments to a TimeBank co-ordinator or the TimeBank committee.

12. I will always Thank the member whom I have delt with with the exchange of service, for giving me a hand. As I understand they have taken their own time to help me & vice versa.