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Kaitaia TimeBank

Membership Subscription

Annual Membership Subscription is $10 or two Timebank credits

Paying Online

If paying online please deposit via internet banking $10 to the Eco Centre account:

Account Name: FNEC

Account number: 12-3096-0282025-02

Reference:  Your name

Let Stephanie know you have paid online, so that this can be recorded.


Paying with Cash

If paying with cash, please drop $10 into the Eco Centre, 8 South Road, Kaitaia, week days 10am - 4pm and let the volunteer or Stephanie know it is for your Timebank membership.


Paying with Time Credits

On the Kaitaia Timebank site, create an exchange ...

  1. Who PROVIDED the service? Type Kaitaia Timebank & tick the box next to Kaitaia Timebank below. Then click on next step below.
  2. Who RECEIVED the service? Type Your Name & TICK The box next to Your Name below.
  3. DESCRIPTION of service: Type KTB membership with year paying for.
  4. On the Calendar: Highlight any day before the expiry date of your Anniversary sign up.
  5. Service Category: Highlight Community Activities: Help out our Timebank.
  6. Put 2 hours inside the arrow.
  7. Make sure: Kaitaia Timebank is on the left & you are on the right of the screen!

For Co-ordinators recording a member's payment (stops automatic emails from Timebank that member owes payment)

  1. Under Record an Exchange Record a Payment
  2. Type the name of person.
  3. Mark a date on the calendar that you have just paid for
  4. PAYMENT TYPE: Scroll to hours
  5. Type 2 in HOURS
  6. Type 12 in Month or 1 Year
  7. Description: "KTB membership" & the year you are paying
  8. Press Save Changes

     (If member has paid with cash, in total put $10 & Subscription Amount $10. Step 1-3 and 6-8 as above)


Please contact Stephanie at the Eco Centre if you need help with any of these steps!